Lately, I am having fun with a new guy. He is sort of like my sub, and I am his mistress. I love telling him what to do. And, I love our heel insertion fun. Seeing his face as I shove my shoe heel up his ass.

Of course, if I feel even more naughty, I have him bend over so I can ram it up in his ass. He is not the only one asking for this either. Many of my callers are enjoying this interesting fetish fun.

Each one is different, but all are fun. My new guy loves me in all designer clothes and heels. He even dresses in similar clothes and heels himself. His cock gets hard when I take charge.

I love wearing designer stiletto heels for our heel insertion fun.

Whether it is my Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choos, or another designer, I love the stiletto style. The way they make my legs look even longer and sexier.

Of course, I find it thrilling shoving an $800 stiletto heel up my guy’s man-pussy. Depending on the guy I am playing with, it can be gentle or shove it deep inside him.

My new guy likes the heel insertion fun to start gently. Then, he wants me to fuck his ass hard and fast with that gorgeous shoe and its heel. Of course, my pussy gets so wet in the process.

After he is rock hard from the heel fucking, he is ready to give me some good cock.

Now, one of my favorite things is riding him reverse cowgirl. If I am doing that, I can continue fucking him with my designer shoe. It’s like I can feel his cock reacting with the heel insertion fun.

Additionally, I love a man open to anal play. So many men have phobias about it. They are missing out on extreme climax fun. It can be hardcore or gentle. And, so good for shooting huge loads.

A lot of men love fucking women while they are wearing stiletto heels. Of course, I love that too. Wearing nothing but my designer heels as we fuck like bunnies.

As a wild slut, I love all things kinky, especially heel insertion fun.

And, it keeps me busy with lots of playmates. My openness to many different things brings multiple types of people to me. Allowing me to explore and enjoy sex all the time.

Of course, with my shoe guys, I get to have one of my favorite things with me during our sex. I love my designer shoes. When a guy I am playing with loves them as well, it is so much better.

Make it my heel insertion fun, guys, and it is one hell of a party. Many of them are willing to start by sucking my heel. I love commanding them to bow down and do that.

They are my submissives and do as they are told.

If it pleases their mistress, they do it. For me, a man holding my foot with a designer shoe is sexy. Then, him sucking the heel is a pussy wetter. I seriously start getting juicy.

After that, depending on the guy, it is time for our heel insertion fun. So, which type of guy are you? Hardcore or gentle?

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