There was quite the rumor going around in our small town.  It was said to be a naughty peeping tom, doing some serious voyeurism in our small community. For days I hoped you wonder to my window; keeping the blinds partially open. I made sure to always look teasing and seductive, walking around in sexy lingerie outfit sometimes even nude to tempt your voyeurism. Tonight I lay in my big comfy bed completely nude, with the soft cotton sheets caressing my naked body in my candle lit bedroom.  I felt your eyes peeping in.  It gave me a little tingle in my pussy knowing you were there.  The thought of you peering through my blinds with your hands wrapped around your cock masturbating make me hot and want to stroke my pussy.  I spread my thighs apart touching my smooth mound.  I pushed two of my fingers into my soft wet pussy.  When I heard a small amount of movement outside my bedroom window, being the naughty girl that I am, I decided to you a real show.

I didn’t dare look or make notice that I heard you outside; because I didn’t want to spook you away. I wanted get you excited enough to come in and have your way with me.   Waiting for you to lose control, ravage my body and do whatever nasty and kinky things you fantasize about doing. While thinking of those naughty things you would make me do, I let you watch me finger my wet cunt.  My peeping Tom was stroking watching as I began to cream all over my fingers.  I came so fucking hard knowing you were there, my naughty peeper.

I walked outside after my orgasm, walked to the window were you were standing.  I saw that you did enjoy the peep show, because you left me a little present of your sticky cum all over the bricks of my house.

Tonight I dedicate my masturbation phone sex fun to my peeping Tom.  Whoever you are, I enjoyed cumming for you. Next time, cum on in and fulfill my rape fantasy.

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