He Loved To Shave Me

I would sit on the edge of my tub and shave my long legs quickly. I never took my time. So I hated shaving, it was time-consuming and just not enjoyable.

One day I was getting ready to shave and my boyfriend walked in and said I was shaving wrong. I told him if he wanted to do it he could…but he had to be careful. He got naked and climbed into the tub. He had a jar of scented oil that he opened up and poured onto my legs. Then he slowly drizzled the warm oil all the way up to my pussy. His strong hands massaged the oil into my curvy calves all the way up to my lightly-haired pussy.

His slippery fingers dipped into my folds and worked my clit. Fuck I had no clue being shaved by a guy could be so erotic. My nipples got hard and I bit my lip. I was starting to get incredibly turned on. He took one of my legs and put my heel on his shoulder. He took up his double-edged razor and scored my legs gently. So he did the entire leg in a smooth rhythmic motion.

When he was done with that one he did the next the same way.

He turned the warm water on the shower head and washed off my legs and re-applied the oil. Using a little less this time. He worked my legs even harder. Making the oil absorb into my now very soft hairless skin. When my feet touched down on the bottom of the tub, he spread my legs open further.

He took the back of the cold metal of the razor and grazed my clit. My skin goose-bumped instantly.  He pushed the back of the handle into my pussy and started to fuck me with it. My juices flowed freely when I came. He pushed two fingers into me and used my juice as extra lube with the oil. He shaved me slowly, getting every hair. Then he teased at my clit with the razor, making hold very still. He smiled just loving the control. He finished the last stroke and washed my down again.

After he was done he washed up and got out and dried off. He tossed me the towel and left the bathroom saying, “That’s how you shave your legs and pussy baby”

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