The Haunted House at the end of the Lane

Blindfolded and not knowing what is going on and totally naked! I was on my afternoon walk and at the end of the Lane, a dead end Lane, was a huge house that is supposedly a haunted house.  As I turned to go down the other side of the Lane I thought I heard someone calling for help.  It was a very faint cry.

I walked to the front door of the house and knocked but no answer.  When I turn to walk back to the Lane, I hear the cry again.  Walking back to the door I wonder why I’m doing such a stupid thing as my hand turns the door knob.

The smell that comes from inside the house leads me to believe that no one has lived in the house for a long period of time.  The sound of the cry scares me back to how stupid I’m being by coming into the house alone.

The cry seems to be coming from upstairs.  I’ve come this far, might as well go upstairs and find out who’s crying for help.   At the top of the stairs, I see light coming from a door that is slightly open.  Again I hear the cry, so I walk to the lit door and open it all the way.

The room is very dimly lit with a bed in the very middle of the room.  And it’s the only piece of furniture in the room.  As I walk further into the room I recognize what seems to be a man that’s tied up and chained to the bed.  And he’s lying on his back and naked.

I’ve never seen a man tied up and chained to a bed before.

This is the end of the Beginning…so be watching for the Ending of the Haunted House in my next blog…

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