In my humble opinion, most men need hardcore sissy training! It is so much fun knocking them down a peg or two and putting them in their place.

Unfortunately for a young teen domme like me, some men are just too stubborn for their own good. It is such a shame for them really. Because when bad boys don’t listen, I can be a real nasty evil bitch. When I’m not being a BBC teen whore, my hardcore sissy training can make any man drop down to their knees. Regardless of how big and tough they think they are, they are absolutely powerless to me. I can dominate even the strongest and “toughest” men around! They are literally no match for a fiery redhead domme like me. In fact, I will take on even the most stubborn adult men.

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Just last week, I got a call for a hardcore sissy training gig for Mr. March’s stubborn step-son. Eric desperately needed to be knocked off his high horse. And forced down to his knees where he belonged. Eric was always spending the family’s money on high-end clothes and sports cars and he became such an insufferable, egotistical brat. His step-father told me Eric needed to be taught how to be a really well-behaved sissy fag maid. So of course, I made sure to bring my cutest maid outfits– fit for a little faggot in training! I even had Eric’s mother strip off his sheets and replace them with pink lacy ones.

The look on Eric’s face when he came home that day was hilarious!

Naturally, he fought back a bit when it came to our initial hardcore sissy training session. Honestly, it was difficult changing him into his little pretty sissy outfit. But I made sure to have his step-father hold him down so that I could dress him up like a little whore. His outfit consisted of a pink and white lace maid uniform complete with white stockings, pink bra and panties, and shiny black heels! He protested and protested until I took out my paddle and whipped it hard across his ass. Even with the panties on, I could tell that his little bitch bottom was bright red and throbbing in pain. Eric looked like such a pretty little doll when I was through with him!

Then, I lathered pretty makeup all over his face; lipstick, mascara, and hot pink blush.

I admired my work with such glee. He really looked like such a dirty little fag maid! But that wasn’t my favorite part of his hardcore sissy training session. He was not quite ready for his real training yet. First, in order to be a real sissified bitch, he needed to be locked away from his manhood. So, I brought out a little pink cock cage for his baby fag cock to truly sissify him. His face went pale when I stuffed his little pink stump into that tiny cage. With the key held on a string around his mother’s neck, he was now ready! Eric’s parents were so happy to see him all locked up! His mother giggled so much.

The only thing he had left was his wee boy pussy for his step-father to cum in!

I promised to make him the perfect sissy after all! And now it was time to get him really warmed up and excited for daddy. I patted his caged cock and tickled his balls until I could see his little pathetic faggy cock swell. He was ready! We had him on all fours while his well-hung step-dad got his cock ready to ram his boy pussy! In just 3-2-1, his step-father was balls deep inside of him! I made sure to spank and whip his ass while the little sissy squealed in pain. Once the pain subsided though, he began to moan and begged to be fucked like a little slut. In the end, Eric loved his hardcore sissy training and he enjoyed himself like a good little faggy.


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