Spank Me, Fuck Me; You Know How Hard And Rough I Like It!

Darren knows I love it hard and rough I really like it! My ass got lots of attention last night and I can still feel it whenever I sit down. Darren went at me hard and when my panties slipped over my tender ass this morning I whimpered and a rush went through me. My nipples are getting hard just thinking about it and I’m dying to see him again because I need it bad. We were in his bedroom half-naked and making out when he gave my ass a little spank.

It sent tingles through me and I quickly took the rest of my clothes off before getting down on all fours. Damn he gives it to me hard! I stuck my ass in the air and wiggled it as I asked him to do it again, spank me harder. It made me excited just to say it and I looked behind me at him as he knelt by my ass. He smiled and raised his hand, taking his time to smack me to drive me crazy. I tried not to tense up but I still flinched when he did smack me, his hand landing on me with a loud, sharp crack. I cried out as pins and needles filled my ass cheek and took a deep breath as he lifted his hand again.

He brought it down quickly four or five times and my ass began to throb and feel burning hot.

I blinked back tears as he rubbed his hand over my tender cheeks and smacked me again. Pain spread in me and my pussy was aching and wet, my juices leaking down my lips. Every smack made me hornier and I gasped as I begged him to fuck me. I felt shaky and my ass was raw when he stopped and got the lube. He shoved a slick finger into my ass hole and moved it in me as I clenched around him, trying to relax so I could get more in me.

Then he played with my ass until he could get two fingers in me easily. I was loose enough for his big dick. Next, he put a hand on my hip and rubbed his dick over my ass crack, dripping pre-cum on me as I bent lower, opening up even more for him. I felt his head push into my hole and I stretched around his dick as it went in deeper. He moaned as I pressed on him and he gave a shove to get the last inch in me. It felt like I was full of dick as he gave a thrust, his dick sliding roughly past my hole and making me shiver.

Finally, I braced myself as he started fucking me, his dick ramming into me with smooth, steady thrusts. I wanted him to spank me harder and harder. My breasts bounced and my pussy juices leaked down my thighs as he pulled on my hips. He began yanking me back on his dick. His balls smacked against me as he went faster, pounding my tight hole so hard that all I could do was lie there and take it. A flash of pain went through me.

As he spanked me and called me a bitch which made my pussy gush.

I rocked back as a dull ache filled my lower stomach and my clit felt like it was on fire. He gave me a couple of quick thrusts then buried his dick in me. I felt a wetness spread in my ass as he came and his fingers dug into me. He stayed in me for a minute then slowly pulled out, his dick rubbing over my sensitive hole. I laid there as cum leaked out of me and my ass killed me with every little move I made. I wish every night was like this, hard and rough. How badly do you want to fuck and spank me? How hard can you smack my big bubbly ass? My ass is up in the air and ready for you!

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