Halloween is upon us once again. The season of scares, sweets and skanks *smiles*

Every ghastly ghoulish sex fiending monster will be lurking in the shadows for their next unsuspecting victim. I’m hoping they all catch me! *smirk*

The master of monstrous seduction, the vampire is first on my sexy creature list.

The allure of the vampire lies in mystery, in decadence, in the twining of fear and desire, sex and blood, life and death. Ironically these are all the things that make us all feel alive!  They are terrifying sexual creatures, that’s why I love them!  I think the ultimate thrill fuck, that’s why I’m really counting on getting impaled by hungry sexy vamp this Halloween! *giggles*

Now fucking a zombie… that just doesn’t seem like a great plan for the coming apocalypse. While banging one may distract it, I wouldn’t have enough hands or orifices to take on a whole horde and make it out alive. On second thought, that would be one hell of a gang – bang! *giggles*

Unleash the Demons, creatures of sin, they are all things deviant and taboo. How delicious that would be to feel the fires of hell burning between my thighs. *smirk*

But if I really want that flames of hell between my thighs maybe I should aim a little higher and who I really would want between my thighs is the Prince of Darkness himself, Satan.  Cumming with the devil sounds like a perfect treat this Halloween! *smirk*

Another freaky boy I know would rock my world this Halloween is Frankenstein.  That big monster would probably have quite the appendage between his thighs and if he didn’t all I would have to do is lope it off and attach a more pleasing one.  *giggles*  My Frankenstein would have a  massive monster to give his bride. *smiles*

So many ghoulish fiends to put treats in my goodie bag this Halloween.  I have a feeling I’m going to have an extremely full goodie bag. *smirk*

Happy Halloween!




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