Going to this party will bring me many surprises.


A charity group in town is throwing a big party this week. It is a big deal in our community with a massive attendance turnout. Of course, we have all heard about the escaped convict on the run. None of us are expecting him at this shindig. I certainly was not expecting to meet and fuck this handsome escaped prisoner.

The party is held at the biggest venue in four towns. They have incredible food and lots of quality alcohol for the guests. Everyone who is anyone and all the rest of us show up to enjoy this event. Along with the food and booze, they do an auction of available men in our area. You get them for a dinner date and maybe more.

Undoubtedly, for this college cum slut, it is an opportunity to fuck sexy mature guys and naughty young ones. I always take home a stud when I am bidding. Especially when I am competing with some of the nastiest bitches in town. I love winning what they want. It gets my pussy tingling wet.

Indeed, this year is going to be a bit different with the handsome escaped prisoner on the list of available men to bid on.

What I will learn is the man is a con man and he will charm the ladies that are members of the charity group. They all believe he is a wealthy businessman passing through town at the right time. And, they think he is going to bring in the big bucks from the lady bidders. Of course, they are right. We all want him for our pleasures.

The event starts out as usual with speakers and important local leaders praising the group for their work in the community. First, they do the auction for the donated items. It is a bit boring but folks participate to help out. Then, we have dinner and drinks. Once that is done, we have the bachelor bidding fun.

Which is when our handsome escaped prisoner pulls a fantastic con on the entire community. He is offered later in the auction and I am waiting for him to come on stage. As are many of the women who are ready for someone new. When they bring him up, they introduce him as Harrison Hamilton, III.

What a name. Is he royalty or something?

Of course, I don’t care about his pedigree, I care about what is inside his pants. Once we start bidding, it gets intense as we all want this man. However, no one is willing to spend the amount of money I am to fuck this sexy stranger. In the end, I win. He comes over to introduce himself and discuss our date.

Only, the handsome escaped prisoner isn’t planning on staying around that long. Of course, I don’t know that and all I want to know is when we will be alone. He tells me that he will be busy for the next few days, so we have to act now if I want to have fun. Sure, why not?

We decide to go to a local bar. On the way to our cars, he suggests we sit in mine and chat a bit. I like this man’s way of thinking. Although, he doesn’t have a car and I am clueless about this fact. We sit in the backseat together. Once we are in the car, he is all over me.

His hands roam my body, his mouth between my legs, and his dick rock hard in his pants. Being the naughty whore I am, I eagerly invite my handsome escaped prisoner to have his way with me. We have a blast in that backseat. Then, he says he has an important call and leaves my car.

Later, I will learn he tried to rob the charity but was caught by the authorities. I have to say I am happy I got to tap that ass before he was sent back to prison. If you want the nasty details, you can call me for some sexy fetish phone sex.

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