Hair Fetish: I usually shaved my pussy hair but decided to let it grow

Hair fetish: I know my boyfriend has a hair fetish. It’s pretty obvious with the way he plays with my hair all of the time. I usually shaved my pussy hair but decided to let it grow out while he was out of town. I wanted to see how he would react. By the time he got home, I had a pretty good bush going on.
Before he came over I made sure I had it all trimmed up for him. We always had some pretty hot sex but I had a feeling that tonight was going to be different. I wanted to see just how deep this hair fetish of his really went. When he got to my place we sat down on the couch and started watching a movie. His fingers quickly moved to play with my hair as we watched tv. The way he twirled my hair around his fingers was so relaxing.
My head fell down on his shoulder while he continued playing with my silky hair. I happened to glance down and noticed how hard his cock was already. When we started kissing and his hand moved from my head to my tits then down my stomach I started to get more excited. He was about to find my surprise for him and I was about to find out just how much of a hair fetish he had.

Hair Fetish: If I had known how good he would fuck me for this I would have indulged his hair fetish long ago

The moment his fingers slid past the elastic of my panties he could feel the silky curls of my pubic hair. I knew instantly that it turned in on because he moaned into my mouth as we continued kissing. Knowing that I was turning him on only fueled my own reaction and my pussy became instantly wet for him. We fucked that night like never before. I think his favorite part of it all was pulling his cock from my pussy, letting it push up into my soft pubes and covering them with his hot, sticky jizz.
If I had known how good he would fuck me for this I would have indulged his hair fetish long ago! It’s not just a hair fetish that I can cater to. Give me a call, no matter what your fetish is and we can turn it into some of the hottest phone sex of your life!

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