Gynecologist Visit Gone Wrong?

I had a gynecologist visit last week and I see Dr. Rose, a lady female doctor, for my vag checkups. Well, I had no idea that Dr. Rose was out on vacation that week! And this young, muscular, sexy stud was in her place!

My legs were spread up in the stir-ups and I never wear the gown they provide. I am there to get in and out because I like haste. Well, in comes the sub doctor, Dr. Villa. And boy, he was tall, dark, and sexy! And there I am, legs splayed and pussy out.

He greeted me and asked a few questions about my sex life, if I smoke, etc. I, of course, can’t help but be distracted by his strong looking hands. He grabs the chair in front of me and sits down to check my pussy out.

I loosen up and feel his fingers probing me inside and out. Even checking on my ass a little! Dr. Villa grabbed the lubricant and stood up, “Okay, now, it’s time to check on your vaginal responses.” Something Dr. Rose had never done to me before but for the sake of my pussy health, I must have it checked out.

“Doctor… that feels like an awful large instrument!”

Dr. Villa was sticking one of his meaty fingers into my pussy to lube it up, for what I thought was the speculum. He tells me to look out the window next to me and remain relaxed. Next thing I know something VERY thick is being inserted into my cunt and I respond with, “Doctor… that feels like an awful large instrument! What is it?!” He just shushed me and kept inserting it and taking it back out faster and faster.

I was starting to feel so turned on by this time and felt as if I were going to cum. So, I looked down and saw Dr. Villa’s big, brown, Latin cock thrusting in and out of my little white pussy. I smiled and watched him plow me. And of course, I came hard and squirted all over that exam table!

Leaving the doctor’s office, I could feel Dr. Villa’s cum inside of me and couldn’t help but wonder if I could schedule another appointment as soon as possible.

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