Winter time is definitely the perfect time for stroking. So as a holiday and winter treat you guys will have to call me so I can tell you how to properly stroke your cocks. I have several guided masturbation callers that love it when I guide them into a long lasting, satisfying, stroke session. Telling them everything to do and every inch to touch only to have it end with an intense orgasm that blows both of their heads! I have some callers that call having just stepped away and only have a few minutes in need of a quick release and I have others that enjoy a nice long sensual guided masturbation session.

I love guiding men into releasing the best load they have had ever! Sometimes I start off slow, using my soft sweet voice to relax them and then slowly lead into the harder cock jerking. Other times I make them stroke hard and fast mostly the entire time, making them edge themselves over and over. After getting to know my callers better we have even better guided masturbation phonesex! I like to tell you different techniques on how to stroke your dick and I love knowing that you are touching yourself exactly how I want you to because that allows me to guide you to the exact release that I want and feel is right for you.

Sometimes I get really crazy and kinky with my guys. For instance I have one guy that loves fucking his couch for me! Lol it’s true, the first time I did a guided phone sex call for him I made him put his cock in between the cushions of his couch and thrust in and out so hard just like he’s fucking a pussy. He loved it so much that the next time he called me back he said “I want you to make me fuck my couch again!”. I have to admit something about get’s me so excited too!

I am very experienced with guided masturbation and many other types of phone sex call ideas, and know how to make you explode so hard! In the end you’ll be even more addicted to stroking then you were when you picked up the phone to call!

Masturbate with Madison


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