Growing up in an incest family has so many benefits. We are closer than most families. Our bonds are tight. Of course, my favorite benefit is early training in sexual education. From a young age, I am a gifted lover and seducer. Nowadays, I am a granny with skills. I love sharing them with everyone, especially my grandkids.

I am a naughty lady and love all the dirty fun I am having. During my GILF Phone Sex, I am open to everything. I have no limits, and that means, no matter what your fantasy, I am willing to play with you. Some call me a “devil” granny because I am not afraid to go down the darkest of allies for our fun. Of course, I am not a devil, just devious and open to being your accomplice for anything.

All our fun is adding to this granny with skills abilities.

During the lockdown, the kids and grandkids stayed away to make sure I stay healthy. Now that things are opening up, we are back to having fun with Epic GILF Incest Sessions. Tonight, my daughter and grandson are coming over to play. She and I are going to show him some new tricks. It is our graduation gift for him.

Alex is a great kid. Allstar at sports, super smart with honors and a sexy tight young body. He is our superstar, and we are proud of him. During the lockdown, the family and I were doing facetime for the naughty fun, but it isn’t the same as in person. This granny with skills loves the feel of their young skin as my hands are exploring their bodies.

There is nothing like playing with the younger generation.

Alex is quite a specimen; he has muscles everywhere. No wonder his mom can’t get enough of him. Of course, in the fall, he is going off to college, and we won’t have enough time with him then. Tonight is all about making sure he is well educated and ready for the hot slutty college girls. He is going to be popular, and we want him to know what he is doing.

Obviously, he has been learning for years with our incest lifestyle, but it is time for this granny with skills to take his training to the next level. My daughter, Lilly, is excited about tonight’s fun. I think the kid has enough knowledge to knock them out at school, and she is worried about him, so we have tonight’s session.

As they arrive, I am so happy to see them!

We have a nice dinner, getting all caught up, hearing about their week. He is having a great summer, making sure he is spending time with his friends before fall comes. After dinner, we sit down to chat some more and have a glass of wine. There is a beautiful breeze blowing through the condo, making it feel even more special tonight.

Once we finish the wine, we head to my bedroom for fun. Lilly and I are dancing to some sexy music, doing a striptease for Alex. He is loving it and rubbing his dick as we are getting him excited. She and I are making out with each other as we undress. Her lips are like silk on my nipples. I am caressing her body as I pull off her panties.

Now that we are nude, it is time to undress Alex.

I am on one side of him, and Lilly is on the other. We are kissing his neck, his cheek, all over him as we slowly undress him. I am continually amazed at his gorgeous physique. He is rock hard as she and I drop to our knees to suck on that big dick. I love hearing him moaning with pleasure. Then, I get behind her, eating her pussy as she sucks his dick. Soon he is unloading in his mother’s mouth, and she then gives me some with a big kiss.

She and I are doing a “69” as he is taking turns eating our pussies. Once he is hard again, he is fucking me while we are doing the “69.” Things heat up from there, and our night is pure bliss. I bet you would love to share him with us. Call now to find out all that happened and be our playmate.

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