Family Sex Stories: I Have A Bad Grandpa!

I hate going to Grandma and Grandpas house. Every time Grandpa says to sit on his lap but we kids all know not to. Since I am the youngest I always get put on his lap anyway and it makes from some interesting family sex stories! Mom just smiles and walks away. Grandpa smiles down at me with his teeth clacking together and breathing rapidly. He smells so old and nasty! He would always get his hand underneath me and push his fingers into my vagina. Mom of course always dresses us girls in cute little dresses to visit there house so that Grandma would not criticize her as a parent! We all learned fast to put on extra shorts though.

As many barriers between us and grandpas wondering fingers the better! One day while we were visiting my cousin Betty was there also, she was a few years older than me and always seemed to smile when the adults were around but never smiled when they were not! She would climb eagerly up into Grandpa’s lap. Spread her skirt out nice and wide and wiggle her bottom on his hand. She would whisper something to him before she closed her eyes and scrunched up her face. She sat like that for a few minutes. Then she would hop down and stretch out her hand and grandpa would always give her $20.00!

Your just too cute and so nice to me he would tell her each time!

I followed her outside today and asked her why she did that! She looked at me very seriously and said because he pays me, Daddy just hurts me and leaves! I was shocked. Have you ever told your mom I asked her? No, she would never believe me besides I am starting to enjoy it more. She shrugged her shoulders and started to walk away. She looked back at me and said, you should try it, you never know you might like it too!

As I walked back in I saw Grandpa motioning me over to sit in his lap. I went slowly there thinking about that $20.00 she had and that new iPod I wanted to buy that mom kept saying we did not have the money for! I could get it with just a few trips to Grandpas lap! So, I went to the bathroom slipped off my extra shorts and marched back out to his lap determined. I crawled up, spread my skirt and wiggled my bottom just as she had done. OMG, I had completely forgotten to ask her what she told him. I could feel his hand creeping under my skirt.

I was frantic, what was I to do?

Just as he was rubbing me through my panties I leaned over to his ear and whispered, do you have $20.00 for me too Grandpa? He looked a little astonished and smiled. You little minx I know what your up to and I know Betty put you up to it, well if you want it then sunshine its all yours! His finger found it’s way inside my panty and my eyes got wide as he slipped it between my vagina lips and started stroking me easing deeper and deeper inside. I gasped and jerked. He pulled out and slid me off his lap! Here he shoved $20 at me and he marched off to the bathroom.

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