I’ve Got A Thirst for Cum

Cock worship is nothing without a thirst for cum.  That creamy delight that shoots out all over my face is like a prize I have won.  I have a hunger for it, a thirst for it, and an unquenchable thirst at that.  I can’t get enough and I always crave more.  You can’t finish the day without a protein shot or two.

Any woman can take a nice big cum shot in their mouth, but it takes real woman to have a thirst for it.  Just this morning I felt that urge rush over me.  I felt that grumble inside of me that begged for his seed.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to shake the feeling.  There was only one thing I could do.  I made the call.

Within thirty minutes I heard the knock on the door.  My stallion, such a beautiful creature sent to me from heaven itself.  His cock is like something out of fiction.  Nine inches, superbly cut,  perfectly veined, and all mine.  This was the definition of superior cock!  Dropping to my knees for him was like a gift.

 Wrapping my lips around that splendid mushroom head made my whole body quiver.

I felt him growing harder, stronger, and thicker.  His cock throbbed between my lips.  My pussy was getting so wet, I could feel my sweet juices on my thighs.  This wasn’t about me though, this was all about him and my love for his amazing cock.  He called me the cum slut of his dreams and I aimed to live up to the title.  I wanted every drop of him, I wanted to drink his essence, and I wanted to taste his manhood.

As he held my hair and fucked my mouth, my eyes watered.  He reared back, getting ready to explode into my hungry mouth.  The first drops of pre cum hit my tongue and went wild.  Sucking and slurping, I was a woman on a mission.  His cum flooded my mouth, dripping down my chin, and leaving white droplets on my tits.  I looked up at him as I wiped my mouth.  He had brought his cum slut to ecstasy!

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