Gorgeous Neighbor Cravings Draw Me Out To Fuck New Hottie Next Door!

I get the most interesting cravings now and then. When I do, I have to go after what I want, or it will drive me wild until I do. Currently, I am having gorgeous neighbor cravings for the new hottie next door.

He is smoking hot. Everyone in the neighborhood is talking about him. All the moms and daughters alike. Of course, I want to be the first to fuck him. Once he gets a taste of this tight young pussy, he will keep coming back.

I’ve thought it might be fun to share him with my friend, but he looks so delicious. I think it is a bad idea. Besides, she can be a greedy bitch, and I want him all to myself.

I need to satiate my gorgeous neighbor cravings fully.

It can suck when they hit if we don’t have any fresh meat in the neighborhood. I have had a lot of the current neighbors, and they are old news. And, they are not so sexy anymore.

That is why he is such a juicy morsel for me to have. He is a fresh piece of meat in this stale market. His rod will be a nice benefit for my sexy pussy. I can imagine how good it will feel as I ride him.

Let’s hope he is into cowgirl style fucking when I am satiating my gorgeous neighbor cravings. Of course, most guys are into whatever I say when they see me without clothes.

In fact, I never have anyone disagree with me at that point.

I mean, come on, have you seen this fine body of mine? I am fucking sexy as hell. Add in the fact that I am a naughty little slut with mad sexual skills, and men go crazy to spend time with me.

And, all of them are willing to do whatever it takes to be my fuck buddy. Sadly, they get boring, though. Especially the current neighbors with their dad bods. That is why I am having my gorgeous neighbor cravings right now.

There is finally a sexy man within proximity of my vagina, and it wants him as soon as possible. Of course, I am taking over some homemade brownies as a way to start my visit.

And, I will be wearing the shortest of skirts and the tiniest of tops.

His eyes will be all over my body until I make my move. It is a game for me timing it just right. You have read the guy, so he is ready for the move. That way, when I go for it, he is all in.

As I am chatting with him, I am rubbing my hand along my long, smooth legs. He is practically drooling over me. Satisfying this gorgeous neighbor craving is going to be so much easier than expected.

I scoot closer to him on the couch and place my hand on his thigh. That is all it takes to push him over the edge. His hands move to my body instantly, and we have to lift off!

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