Good Girl Taken For A Ride

I was staying over late at a friend’s place once upon a time in high school. She had a hot dad who I flirted with shamelessly. Thankfully my buddy never really noticed and I don’t think her dad really took me seriously, until that night when my friend fell asleep while we watched a horror flick. I couldn’t move her to her room, I wasn’t about to sleep on her old lumpy sofa so I went up to her room and made myself comfy. That night I wasn’t such a good girl.

I snuggled down and started to drift off. I started to have this weird dream of a man coming into my room and touching me provocatively. My body responded instantly. My dream seemed so vivid until I realized I wasn’t dreaming. It was my friend’s dad. He came into the room after finding me missing from his daughter’s side. Seeing me in her bed all alone gave him the time to finally tell me he had craved my budding body.

He slithered into her bed and wanted a little taste of my pussy. He tongued at me and pulled my clit between his lips.

I woke up to the strong tugging. When I saw it was him I panicked a little. This was the real deal. I started to close my legs but he looked up at me and said “uh-un, you have been teasing me for this. Lay back, pretty girl. I want my turn now” I saw the look in his eyes. He was serious. I laid back and tried to relax. Felt like I played with fire, and now I was paying the price.

I wanted him to stop. Anytime I moved, his hands gripped harder. As good as the licking was my pussy just wouldn’t respond. Being a pretty good girl, I never had sex. I didn’t drink or do drugs. I was a good girl all around. Now I felt like this man was going to break the good girl image I had of myself. I just couldn’t help but flirt with him.

He got out from between my legs. He clearly saw the fear. Saw how ridged I was. He got thrills from it though. He took his rock-hard dick and jammed it into my tight teen cunt. His hand was over my mouth before I could scream. With his hand over my mouth and pumped into me and watched my face in fear.

When he was done, he pulled out of me and told me I did a great job. He opened his wallet and gave me a fat stack of bills. He said anytime I wanted something, I would just need to come for a sleepover and let him fuck me. At first, I felt humiliated. But the weight of that money felt good. I did go back. Several times over the years, I made good money off him until his wife caught him… too bad for him.

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