Happy Thanksgiving to all of you sexy men!  The Dolls are very thankful for all of you fun fuckers along with a few other things they wanted to share with you.

 I am thankful for sex and this is why…ORGASMS!  Besides the obvious reason it makes me happy puts me in the best of moods.  Want to make me happy…lick my puffy pussy until it squirts all over your face!  Sex is exciting and I love dishing out the dirty details with my friends over cocktails.
Sex gives me something to think about most every hour of every day and my imagination runs wild! Sex burns up to 300 calories per hour so after that Thanksgiving feast it will only take 25 hours of sex to burn it off!  I feel a sexathon cumming my way! 
Sex is what makes this crazy world go round and that is definitely something I can be thankful for. 

 I am thankful for the twisted and deviant imagination I was blessed with which keeps me constantly finding new ways to cum, I love trying new things and self exxxploration!
 I’m thankful for my huge, heavy 32G boobs which are so much fun and get me a lot of sexual attention, I love it!
I am VERY thankful for being able to spend my days doing what I LOVE! Talking to horny strangers and making guys cum! Watching porn and playing with myself, letting callers listen in while I have wild sex with different people, instructing callers on how to stroke their cock while I pound my dildo and hearing some really interesting and kinky fantasies that turn me on like crazy!  
 What I”m thankful for this Thanksgiving is being able to satisfy my love for dark meat while grabbing the giblets and looking at huge juicy breasts smothered in gravy. *smiles*
In all seriousness *smirk* I’m extremely thankful when someone says it’s Cool Whip time and when he forces his way down my end zone!  Tee hee  

Cum tell us what you are thankful for!

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