Give Me Your Seed, Baby! I Want To Get Pregnant!

Imagine it, baby. Me, your glowing sexy pregnant woman.  It’s a primal need inside to create life. And admit it, my swollen belly and big milky tits make you feel like a conqueror! You have staked your claim on me! And why wouldn’t you want to? Think of how beautiful our bundle of joy will be!

I love laying in your arms and feeling your hands move over my big baby belly and stroking my full tits. We created life and it’s beautiful! I remember the night we conceived.   No birth control. No condoms.  Wine and moonlight as you lay me down and let your eyes drift over my nakedness. I belong to you. We both know it and now is the time to show it to the world in the oldest way imaginable.

Your lips linger on mine and then drift away to my ear and neck, making me shiver in anticipation. You’ve raised goosebumps on me and I love the way you take the time to appreciate my body. I know that once I am full with your baby, you will go from appreciating me to worshipping.

Our Impregnation fantasies are about to come true lover and it feels heavenly!

After what feels like an eternity of our skins sliding against each other’s and lips traveling everywhere, I can’t take it anymore and beg you to slid your big hard cock deep inside me! You push it in slowly but my body won’t let me be patient. My legs encircle your hips and my pelvis thrusts up to meet yours, setting our pace.

In a frenzy of moans and sighs, I cum, calling your name in a prayer of thanks. I can feel your body start to tense under my hands and know that the moment is almost upon us. I whisper in your ear, urging you on.

“Get me, pregnant baby. Knock me up! Give me your seed!”

And I feel your thick, life-giving sperm run unchecked into my womb, scorching a path to our goal. “I want your baby, darlin’. I want to feel it grow inside me!”

Our dreams came through that night. And shortly after we would get the positive test that would confirm that we are pregnant!

Sweet huh? But it still gets me hot, just like all our other Taboo Phone Sex!