All-Girls Schools – Early Lesbian Lessons

Have you ever thought about how much masturbation and sex goes on in those all-girls schools?  I know it’s not something most girls like to talk about, but we are some horny fucking animals in our teen years too.   Being locked away with nothing but other sexy girls, watching each other shower, dress, and undress, it can make a bisexual slut like myself go crazy full on lesbian!  All those untouched virgins just dying to have their smooth pussies licked and fingered… I was like a kid in a candy store.

Let’s face it, those short little uniform skirts, tight button-up tops, and knee-high socks are like a fantasy all by themselves.  My roommate and I had been flirting back and forth for months. I knew she would be very easily persuaded.  I could see her white cotton panties, wet with her pussy juice, calling to me from under her skirt.  My mind would race thinking about flipping that skirt up and devouring her tight pink pussy.  Sliding my fingers inside her just enough to feel her tightness but no enough to fully go inside.  I wanted her to beg for it.

 I wanted her to scream “fuck me!”

  Wanted to feel her slippery pussy juice flowing down my fingers and hear her soft moans.  Flicking my tongue over her clit, I could feel her body tighten.  Her legs would shake and her knees would go weak as she pushed my head deeper into her cunt.  Her juices would flow down my throat now allowing me to drink up every last drop of her sweetness.

Just like a shot, I would wake up, look over to my beautiful sleeping roommate, and think about crawling under her covers to rock her world.  We did end up hooking up over the course of our time together as roommates, but that will have to wait for a call.  I love sharing my lesbian experiences and I know you love hearing about them.  Give me a call and let’s swap some sexy stories!

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