Just a few hot girls having sex. Raven, Brittany, and I had been hanging out a lot and we have so much fun together. Raven and I wanted to watch scary movies, but Brittany didn’t like them. The last time we had scheduled a date Brittany had her own plans and the movie time never happened. Needless to say, girls having sex would describe our night well.

This time around we came prepared with the food and drinks, so Brittany wasn’t alone to invite “other’ guests over. That girl is so much fun, she is a submissive slut looking to play. That is part of her charm, we adore her. Raven and I were determined to get our movie time tonight!

We had very scary flicks picked out. We were those girls having sex

We got all the snacks prepped and ready, opened a great bottle of wine and were getting comfortable on the couch as Brittany was going on about being scared and needing a big, strong guy to watch the movie with us. I pointed out she could cuddle with us and we would protect her. She was not convinced.

Raven pushed play and the movie started. As the opening scene started there was a knock at the door. Looking at each other, we felt confused, or so I thought until Brittany jumped up to answer the door, hmmmm…somehow, I don’t think she was surprised and had planned this out. The door opened and there were the guys from the club! Brittany, you’re a naughty girl.

These guys were total hunks. In the past, we had a lot of fun with them, so I knew this would be a great night. They came in and Raven grabbed her guy. She was already in sync with him and had him under her control. Raven does this thing with sensual domination that drives men wild. Her guy was staring at her mesmerized, and they were quickly busy doing very naughty things. All they could think about is us girls having sex.

Brittany turned around and smiled that way she does!

I took my sexy man into the kitchen. He loved to play with a mature GILF. He was young and virile, and I knew we would be busy for hours. Times like this give me the experience to be a kick-ass GILF phone sex operator. He lifted me up onto the counter, spread my legs, and went to work on my pussy.

Brittany hugged her stud and planted a passionate kiss on him. He was smiling from ear to ear. She was rubbing on him, and I could see the bulge starting to appear. Grabbing his hand, they headed for her bedroom. Brittany has lots of toys to play with and knew that was the best place to play with her sexy boy toy.

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