Girlfriend Experience a romantic night at home.

Girlfriend Experience a romantic night at home with my boyfriend! Not all nights are kinky crazy taboo nights. Sometimes it’s about romance and passion! The enjoyment of each others company. So the night started out with him playing a little game of ding dong ditch. When I opened the door there was a Balloon that says “I love you.” Two dozen bright red roses. So Since it is getting closer to Valentine’s day he got me one of those heart boxes of chocolate… The problem was they looked opened and so it made me want to look inside. So I looked and he replaced all but a few of the chocolates with big nuggets of weed. I literally felt my heart skip a beat with utter excitement! No one has ever felt more special then I did at that moment!

There was a card addressed to me… So I opened it and it read “I have loved you from the moment I laid my eyes on you. You make my heart throb and things below! I love you lets have a great date night… Now come find me!” Looking around I did not see anyone so I went to the back porch. I found my boyfriend down on one knee holding up The Notebook (the movie). A man after my own heart in every way possible!! No joke he quoted the movie as I opened the door. “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird!” Words could not express how precious he was! As he stood up he whispered in my ear… “Do you want to order Chinese?” I got wet instantly.

Girlfriend Experience a romantic night at home!

We ordered food from panda express and made a little bed in the middle of the floor. The food arrived and we put the movie in. Then we snuggled in for a good night. We lit up a fat joint so that we could gorge on some fatty greasy but oh so good Chinese food! I just absolutely love being pampered. It makes me want to take care of my man in all ways! It’s not the gifts its the effort! That he put in to show me that I mean something to him. Later that night We were still on the floor bed. And I just had to have him! So I pounced at the perfect opportunity… That’s right while he was sucking in a lo mein noodle! I did the lady and tramp thing as I straddled him. “See I can be romantic too,” I said jokingly.

Girlfriend Experience a romantic night at home!

Rolling around on the floor he somehow managed to just roll me over. So I was pinned underneath the weight of his muscular and Slender body. I could feel his throbbing erection against my groin… God, I just want to feel him inside of me is all I could think and as if he could read my mind… He lifted the skirt of my dress and pushed my panties to the side. So He shoved his cock deep in me going balls deep all at once. Pounding my pussy at a slow hard pace, I withered underneath him. So he fucked me with that expert in and out motion! He brought me screaming my orgasm into his chest… And he came with me!

So I hope you liked my date night with my Boyfriend! Absolutely amazing phone fun and the best part is its cheap phone sex too! If you are still unsure if you would like to do a call with me check out one of my other stories like my 420 smoking blow job! you will love it!

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