It’s my friend, Alicia’s 30th birthday! We are having a stripper surprise her at the party. It is going to be an amazing time! Of course, it will be all of our friends, husbands, boyfriends, and all. However, we do not know our night will end with girl group SPH!

We have been searching for a really sexy Latina stripper and found the hottest guy! The guy is extremely talented. His dance moves are incredible. Additionally, we are literally getting wet pussies watching his audition tape. The way his hips move means he is good in bed, according to my mother and her sister.

Yes, they are perverts too. Where do you think I get it from? We are having the party at a big community center. We have amazing food for the party, her favorite band, and now, the stripper.

It will get interesting when the girl group SPH starts!

It is the night of the party and we are all bouncing with excitement! Alicia is looking gorgeous. Of course, all of us are wearing our finest tonight. The band is playing, people are dancing and the ballroom looks amazing.

It is still early, so the families with kids are still here. They are out dancing and having fun. Everyone is enjoying the amazing food as well. Time is flying fast and soon, the families with kids are packing it in for the night.

Once all the kids are gone, we bring out the hard liquor and start the real party. We are doing shots and really getting crazy.

Soon, the dirty dancing is starting!

All of us are buzzing and getting nasty with each other on the dance floor. Kissing and grinding and having a blast. I even act out my Gorgeous Latina Sensual Blowjob for everyone! The band is loving this party and played hard for us. The food is there when we need to sober up a bit. Then, we are back at it for some more.

Alicia has no clue what is coming until the sexy stripper is walking through the door. When she sees him, she turns to look at us. Smiling we are all looking guilty as hell. Then, we hand her a ton of single dollar bills and put her in a chair in the center of the dance floor.

Most of the guys are rolling their eyes and go off for a smoke but us ladies are surrounding Alicia and the stripper. As the fun starts and we see his amazing moves we are all getting turned on. Girl group SPH is coming in fast.

One of my friends can’t resist and slides up behind him.

She is waiting for the right moment to rip off his speedos. Of course, she wants Alicia to have her fun so we wait for her to enjoy his moves first. She is having a blast! Laughing, blushing, and grabbing at him.

We watch his “dick” bouncing in the speedos and we all want to see this thing in person. That is it, our friend is going in for his bottoms. She grabs them and yanks them off. Everyone is frozen. The guys were walking back in and they have all stopped in their tracks in shock.

Our stripper has the tiniest dick EVER! We are all laughing so hard we can’t help it. The girls are roaring with laughter and pointing at him. He is embarrassed and tries to grab his clothes to cover up.

The men have taken all his clothes and thrown them outside.

At this point, it becomes a full-on girl group SPH! I get to show them all my skills from Humiliation Phone Sex. We start ripping into him and his tiny little wiener. He is apologizing for misleading us by stuffing his speedos as he is running naked to his car!

At this point, since we are all drunk, the men at our party feel the need to show us real dicks. Things take a naughty turn and we end up having a grand old time the rest of the night! Curious to know what happened? Call me!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke