I have this fantasy to have a full size looking man to worship me. Like a Goddess if you will. The proportions of us would look absolutely silly if we stood next to one another but its MY fantasy. The man would be no bigger then about 12 inches tall. I of coarse would be my full beautiful height of 5’9. A sexy Giantess

I would keep my tiny slave in a little jar with holes poked in it. That way I could always find him. He would only get scrapes of food when I chose to feed him. He would be responsible for taking care of me, in every which way. Do my nails on his little latter, clean under my nails, and shine my sexy stiletto’s.

Anytime he did a poor job of any of my requests, I would take him over my knee and spank his little ass. My favorite would be laying him down on my comfy plush bed, spread my lush ass and sit down on his body. Only thing showing would be that teeny tiny head.

Further more…I would make him plank. Use his entire body as my personal sex toy. Fuck my twat with his legs and torso. Now and then stick his entire body inside of me. Lick my g-spot and rub it with his hands. If he didn’t get me off, I would crush him under my heels. Slowly press down on him and make him beg to live.

Once I grew tired of him, which I did with most in my fantasy, I would cast him off by his small, tiny cock.

Oh what fun a tiny slave would be! Can you be my dedicated slave until I grew tired of you? Lets find out!



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