My brother and his friends are into spirit hunting. Of course, I don’t go with them, most of the time. However, he has some new crew members that are super sexy. I am getting some ghost hunting sex on their next trip.

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Personally, I am not a fan of going into old buildings and looking for the dead. In fact, I think it is a job made for others. No part of me wants to run into dead people in the dark.

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Okay, let’s hope that isn’t the case. I want some ghost hunting sex with the living, not the spirits they are looking for tonight. We are meeting at the building at midnight.

This place is an old mental hospital. Could be spooky.

My brother and his team don’t find anything too spooky. There are a lot of stories connected to this building and I may regret my tagging along. Although, if any of the crew are hung, it will all be worth it.

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The building is so creepy. My brother and his crew are finding all of it thrilling. I am staying close to them. Their equipment is going off like crazy and I keep feeling cold hands touching me.

Additionally, they are so into the hunt, I can’t get their attention for our ghost hunting sex. As they turn a corner, I lean on a wall and bam, find myself separated from the guys.

As I am screaming for help, I see apparitions coming toward me in this room.

Well, fuck, this isn’t good. There are six guys in what look like scrubs. I can see through them at first but then, they seem to be real. As they come near me, two of them grab me and I can feel their hands on me.

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