I love the GFE, I can’t lie, I love being taken out and shown off!

What’s the best GFE dream like for me? I wear the nicest thing I have in my closet, something revealing of course, and I make him feel special. I’m a bit of a troublemaker and I like to get into naughty fun when I’m in public. I’ll play footsy under the table and try to get you going. Taking my head in his hand and kissing me in front of anyone. It’s like a reward when he ceases to care what everyone is looking at.

I can’t stand a man that isn’t OK with a little PDA. Let’s go have a drink after a date at the pool hall, you’ll find me bending over tempting you to rub your body up against me. Show all the boys in the hall what you like to do with your girl. That kind of attention gets me raring to go to have some serious dirty play with you in a dark corner or in the cab on the way home. The full GFE is an absolute must when we go out. Everyone will know I ache for you!

Hooking up in public is one of my favorite vices that I need to fulfill

And even better if we get away with it when people are right there in the room with us. Once upon a time, I got heavy into voyeur phone sex with a guy I started seeing. Or in the back of the cab after we go to see a sexy movie. My man can’t take his hands off of my supple breasts and I can’t wait for him to rip my clothes off.

Feeling like your queen around other men is honestly any woman’s dream. Let me be your queen when we have Adult Chat. The way it makes me feel to have a man get hard at the way I present myself in front of others is such a turn on. I like when you like to see how hard I make other men when I spend time around them too. You just watch me and get ready to take this sweet pussy home and show me how bad you wanna fuck

If you’re down for some hot phone sex, give me a call!  😉