Daddy gets a little GFE and TLC from his incest princess!

I love my Daddy. 
He works SO hard! He spends long hours at the office; long hours in his HOME office; and long days in court. My trophy wife mother is NEVER around to give him the tender loving care that he needs AND deserves after a tough day! So, his dirty ‘lil girl decided that he needed some GFE action to relax and revitalize him!

My mom was out of town; forevermore attending some type of yoga class, new age healing class, I’m-a-bored-rich-bitch class, etc. That meant I had the house ALL to myself to plan out something special for my Daddy! As much as he loves doting on his bratty princess, tonight I wanted him to see me more as a hot girlfriend or mistress, ready to give every inch of him the royal GFE treatment!

Normally when Daddy comes home, mom isn’t there.

She’s out shopping, getting coffee with friends, or attending some sort of weird self-enlightenment seminar. What can I say. She has a LOT of free time on her hands. 😉 Tonight though, Daddy was surprised when he pulled in the drive, put the car in the garage, and came into the house. The whole place was dimly lit with softly scented candles; and here was his little girl! Looking super sexy in her black baby doll nightie – little baby bump poking out beneath it. I carried a glass of his favorite champagne to him, and he took it without a word, his eyes traveling up and down my sexy body as he admired my hot little nightie, and my hot little baby bump beneath it!

I sat down in his lap and he held me close. Then I whispered in his ear that I wanted to be his hot and sexy girlfriend tonight. No bratty ‘lil princess. Just his hot young mistress giving him the ultimate GFE treatment. He had no idea what “GFE” meant, but I could tell he liked the thought of me playing the part of his sexy mistress that serviced every inch of him while his wife was away. Giving in to his EVERY whim and desire without question; just wanting his happiness and satisfaction.

Does the girlfriend experience sound like something you wish that YOU could come home to? Well… you can! Just call me up and we’ll have the hottest GFE phone sex of your entire life!

… just don’t tell my Daddy! 

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