Get Ready to Earn Your Wings

There is something about “that time of the month” that makes me so fucking horny!  All I want to do is fuck!  Its like I become a  a sex crazed maniac that will fuck night and day.  The only issue is finding a man who enjoys earning his red wings, but once you do, its like heaven.

My guy loves to lick and suck every drop out of my wet pussy.  He loved me to feed him my blood and smear in on his lips and face.  The taste, smell, and color make his balls just about explode!  I love to hear him whimper as he begs to stroke his hard cock.  He knows the only way I let him play, is when I am done with him.  He fucks me with his tongue until my sweet cherry juicy squirts all down his throat.

Just as my blood starts to diminish, I tell him to slowly masturbate.  I put my finger in my pussy and rub my red juices all over the head of his throbbing cock.  His pre cum starts to flow and I know it wont be long now.  I put my toes onto his balls as he shoots his load, milking out every last hot drop.

It may sound weird to other men and women, but they just haven’t experienced the pleasure.   The satisfaction of know how well my man has pleased my pussy makes his cum that much stronger.  It becomes that much more intoxicating.  Are you ready to earn your wings little boy?

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