The day I turned 18 I strutted my sexy ass into this high class strip club looking to make some major cash.  They hired me without having to audition on stage. The manager working  that night invited me into the office with one of the bouncers, had me strip down to show off  my hot little body and BAM! I was in.  Wasn’t long and I was one of the top girls, banking big time and having a fucking blast doing it.  The girls that work there are high caliber, drop dead gorgeous girls and I ended up hitting it off with this blonde hottie named Jen. We became instant friends, she is so much fun and is the wildest chic I’ve ever met!! I love how uninhibited she is, it’s inspiring and she absolutely inspired me. ~wicked grin ~  Jen, hands down, had the best stage presence out of any girl in the club.  I have never seen anyone perform like she did on stage.  She dominated the stage and you had no choice but to watch her perform, you couldn’t look away if you tried.

She’s one gorgeous blonde with beautiful big real tits, an ass you wanna bury your face in and legs you want wrapped around your head. *smiles*   She and I  would team up at the club, hustle the floor and party our asses off.  Good times!!!

Every summer the club hosts a golf outing with all of us dancers being the caddies. Love doing these outings they are sooo much fun. On this particular outing Jen and I were caddies for the same guy.  Money wasn’t an issue for this guy, he paid us each a grand to get drunk, naked and lick each others pussies all day long.  Jen and I had a blast doing body shots off each another.  It was so hot when she would pour booze in between her huge boobs, while I was down at her cunt with my mouth open waiting for the shot to fill my mouth, then sucked on her juicy pussy for a  chaser.  We enjoyed teasing the shit out of  him with our hot bods!  It’s safe to say we lead him around by his dick all day! *smirk*  Even when it was time for him to putt the ball in the hole, giggles, Jen or I would sit on the green spreading our legs and cunt lips apart, giving him all the inspiration he needed to get it in the hole. *wink*  Guess what?  He got in the hole every time!

Tee hee



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