Yes, I’m a Slutty Switch Bitch

I know men are usually the dominant ones in a sexual relationship. Most men I come across are most comfortable in that position. Your masculinity just can’t help but be the overwhelming force when you’re getting intimate with a sexy woman. And I love an aggressive manly man to completely dominate me. However, I’m also a fan of variety and I love being a slutty switch bitch. When I find a guy who is willing to let me dominate him, it is such a fucking turn-on. If you’ve never let a woman have complete control and have her way with you, then you are really missing out! So, let your guard down and let a slutty switch bitch show you who’s boss.

My Submissive Slut Side

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love playing the submissive slut. Believe me, I like being spanked, tied up, and at your complete mercy. I love not knowing which hole that huge cock of yours is going into next. I love that you can take me slowly and gently or subject me to a hardcore fuck session. It’s all up to you and that is what makes it so intoxicating. It makes me so wet when I hand over my power to you and let you dominate my mind, body, and soul. It makes me cum so hard when you have your way with me.

It’s such a thrill being your submissive little whore. But, like I said, switching things up is a lot of fun too. Being a slutty switch bitch means that if you dominate me, I am really going to want to return the favor. And believe me, it will be just as fun to allow yourself to submit to me.

My Dominant Bitch Side

I’d absolutely love to dominate you. What’s better than being controlled by a hot bombshell blonde? Don’t you want me to have my way with you? I want you to turn over all your power to me. Do you see how I cum when you dominate me? You too will be guaranteed a mind-blowing orgasm under my control. 

Sometimes I may want to tie you up or lock your cock in a cage and tell you when you can and can’t cum. And sometimes I’m in the mood to penetrate you with my huge black strap-on. Whatever I want to do is up to me. All you have to do is trust me. Obey my every word and you’ll be rewarded with the best sex you’ve ever had. Release your power over to me and you’ll be screaming my name at the end of it, I promise. 

Just know that I’ll want to switch it up again soon and let you dominate me next time. So, don’t get too comfortable. That’s what’s so fun about it. Let’s keep things interesting!

Do you want to have some kinky fun with a slutty switch bitch? Call me for some hot phone sex!