Full Fledged Gasper

Sometimes the feeling of a hard cock pounding inside of me isn’t enough.  Sometimes, I need a little bit more.  I know I’ not the only one who gets off on some erotic asphyxiation.  That light headed feeling, mixed with the feeling of a semi-hallucinogenic, is almost addictive.  I’ve heard some compare the rush you feel to that of choke.  Its like a drug and once you have had a taste, you just can’t get enough! I’m a full fledged gasper.

I had an old boy toy who first turned me on to the art of breath control.  He started off with playful choking, but things escalated rather quickly.  Before I knew it I was a full fledged “gasper”.  I could feel my panties get wet every time I saw a plastic bag, belt, rope, and so on.  I was hooked on the rush!  So I even found myself masturbating with a grocery bag over my head.

The feelings of giddiness, light headedness, and pleasure brought my orgasms to a point I had never even imagined!

After kicking that guy to the curb, I wanted another play mate.  Masturbating was fun, but it was also risky and I felt safer with a partner.  I also got a rush out of seeing my partner slip into the hypnotic state.  The glassy effect on the eyes, the gasping for air, the huge loads of cum. I wanted more and more men and women to experience what I had fell in love with.  Wanted them to feel the intense please of playing life and death.

I wonder if any of you reading this have experienced this form of sexual gratification.  I wonder if it is something you would want to explore with me.  Give me a call and lets try something new!  I promise, you wont regret it!

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