We Fucked Our Hot Teen Daughter, For The First Time

We fucked our hot teen daughter for the first time! Parents should spend time with their children, especially when they’re teenagers. Things are so confusing at that age, their bodies are changing and they’re curious about sex. It’s also tough for the parents, we’re seeing our children become adults and they no longer look like sweet children. Our daughter Chloë is only a teenager, but already growing into a very sexy girl. I’ve noticed it but so has my husband Daniel. We were having a movie night when Chloë knocked over her water bottle. She bent over to pick it up and I saw Daniel staring at Chloe’s ass, not even trying to hide it from me. 

Her skirt had ridden up and we could see her panties as she moved. We can’t get enough of that hot teen body, it’s to die for! Daniel put his hand in his lap and rubbed his dick through his trousers. It was hot seeing my husband get turned on by our hot teen daughter. I stood up and slid my arms around Chloë‘s tiny waist. “Come on, your Dad and I want to do something different tonight.” Daniel followed us to the bedroom and Chloë asked what we were doing. I told her to just be quiet, like a good girl. Daniel watched, as I undressed her and she got embarrassed when I took her bra off, exposing her big breasts. He started getting into it and pulled her arms away from her chest so she couldn’t cover herself up.

He put his arms around her waist, pulling her to him as he rubbed his dick on her ass. Hmmm just watching that, almost drove me right over the fucking edge.

They watched me, as I took my own clothes off and Chloë said she wasn’t sure about this. While naked, I pulled Chloë away from her dad, who was kissing her neck and touching her pussy so I could get her on the bed. I pushed her legs apart and saw that slippery wetness between her chubby lips. I heard Daniel taking his clothes off, while I leaned over her, pressing my breasts against her as we kissed. She hesitated, but slowly relaxed as I caressed her. Daniel knelt between her legs and Chloë’s eyes got wide, as he began entering her with his fat tongue. I straddled Chloë’s face and put my pussy over her lips. It took a second before I felt her tongue on me. Her licks were clumsy, but her hot teen lips made up for it.

It wasn’t long, before her sexual desires over powered everything and she got right into it.

Her tongue went everywhere, sliding over my walls and giving me a nice surprise when she found my clit. I told her to keep it there and don’t stop. I looked at my husband, as he moaned while eating our daughter! My pussy tightening, as I rubbed it over Chloë’s mouth. I gushed, as the reality of what we were doing filled me and I moved faster. My breasts bounced, as I rocked on her and I gave little cries of pleasure.  Daniel looked me in the eyes, as he gave Chloë a few hard licks, then rammed his tongue deep into her. I watched, as her hot teen body twitched beneath me. Knew she was about to climax for the first time, in my husband’s mouth.

I felt Chloë gasp on me and her tongue stopped moving for a second as she began to cum. I couldn’t help, but cum too and I knew it was just a matter of time, before her daddy. Then I slid off her face, held her legs up towards her face and Daniel began to slowly push himself inside of Chloë…..what happened next to our hot teen daughter, was nothing short of epic!! If you want those deliciously naughty details, then call me…I will give you the ultimate play-by-play!

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