Fuck as a teen I couldn’t wait to have someone drool over me!

Fuck me  I remember very vividly it was fairly late and everyone else was long in bed. On a whim, I deliberately took my pajama pants completely off in a mood of heightened freedom before even getting under the sheets.

At this point, the light was still on and it felt great to stand there with my bottom and pubic hair exposed. I took the time to enjoy my nakedness and carefully fold the pajama pants and placed them in the dresser drawer.

Instead of just flicking back the sheets and getting in I leaned across the bed with my legs slightly apart. I pushed out my bottom before drawing back the covers. Fuck me, I look hot, I thought to myself.

I found it so arousing that I looked around the room for things to pick up. I bent over keeping my legs straight and apart to pick up this and that. Each time I bent over I felt a sexual focus between my legs rising.

I imagined I was being watched and stood in front of the mirror. I had planned to leave my pajama top on. If someone came in while I was under the sheets they wouldn’t see my naked bottom half but would be able to see my naked torso.

But I was caught in the moment and watched myself in the mirror as I unbuttoned the top and let it fall to the ground, exposing my breasts. Seeing myself naked like this, fondling my breasts, nipples erect was surprisingly sexual. It was like I had leaped into a new realm of sexual deviancy.

It was not like being naked after getting out of the shower or something. There I was standing fully exposed looking at my breasts and pubic mound and seeing my naked self in a purely sexual way.

I was thinking of men looking at me like this, seeing and being aroused by my naked body. “Come on and fuck me,” I whispered quietly to men in general.

Saying the words ‘fuck me’ was liberating. There I was, supposed to be wholesome and innocent but touching breasts and wanting to be fucked. The idea immediately shifted my focus to my vulva. I wanted to touch myself more intimately; I wanted my fingers inside me!

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