Mommy and Daddy were out-of-town for the weekend which meant that me and my little brother Carlos would be home alone. Carlos was a, for lack of a better term, mischievous little brother. He was always pretty inquisitive about EVERYTHING. So when he caught me on the kitchen counter one night, naked and forcing a cucumber into my pussy I didn’t flinch. I simply told him to get on his knees and lick my clit.

When he refused I told him that if he didn’t I would tell mom and dad about how he jerks off in my panties. When he begged to know how I knew that, I told him, “I have my ways. Now get to licking baby brother.” I closed my eyes and arched my neck as Carlos played around with my clit on his tongue. He was a young boy, so he didn’t exactly know what the fuck he was doing. So I took the back of his head and forced him to eat my pussy.

I told him to rotate his tongue around my pussy hole. “That’s right baby brother. Fuck your sissy’s pussy hole with your naughty little tongue.” His mouth was covered with my juices. He pulled his pants down and whipped out his little dick. I laughed. “What the fuck are you going to do with that little thing?!” He said he wanted to fuck my pussy with his itty bitty penis. He looked confused when I refused. I told him there was no way he was going to waste my good pussy with a baby dick like that!

“Grab the cucumber and fuck my pussy with it.” He obeyed. Now, fuck me with the cucumber and jerk off your cock at the same time. And use the cooking oil for lube.” His little dick was so hard, Carlos would have done anything I told him to at that point. When he drizzled the cooking oil on his cock and the cucumber the feeling of the slick oil on my pussy made me grasp the kitchen counter I was sitting on. Carlos was jerking his cock and pumping my pussy with the cucumber at the same time. His moans got louder with every thrust of his cock and pump of my pussy. I was yelling for him to fuck me harder, “FUCK ME HARDER”!  I could feel every bump and ridge of the cucumber inside of my pussy. Massaging my g-spot, making the cream flow from my hole.

It was super intense in that kitchen. Our bodies were sweating as we came at the same time. Carlos shot his load all over my feet. I came all over the fat cucumber that was lodged inside of me. Our genitals were throbbing. Breathing hard, I could barely speak. Carlos managed to say, “HOLY FUCK THAT WAS HOT!” I told him to lick up the cum cream that was flowing from my juicy wet pussy. His slurping and licking were very sloppy but he managed to make me cum a little bit more. We hooked up on other times too. Each time, I never let him fuck me. He was only allowed to use objects to fuck me and jerk off his cock. Of course, I never told mom and dad about our encounter. When they came home the kitchen was spick and span. The salad we had for dinner was delicious too…especially the juicy cucumber 🙂



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