Little brother’s can be annoying but at times we find things out about them we could either take or leave. So when my

little brother started acting funny around me I wanted to get to the bottom of it. My panties were missing and I had heard about this happening to other girls but I doubted Jason my little brother would be into that kind of thing. I was his sister for fuck sakes.

I went into his room one day and looked around to see if I could find my panties. Sure enough I found them! Between his mattress was a hoard of my panties and a few pictures of me. I was a bit shocked, I think I was more shocked that I wasn’t angry.

I decided to do something really naughty. I wanted to see how it could all play out. I went to my room and left the door ajar for a bit. I knew Jason was gonna be home any minute. I put on porn and tugged my panties down and started to touch my pussy.

I lost track of time and started to build up my orgasm. I didn’t heard my little brother come in. I didn’t see him standing in the doorway. I certainly didn’t notice him jerking off!

My fingers plunged into my pussy as I watched the TV. Seeing the girl on the porn getting fucked made me feel pretty wanton and needy. My fingers were good but I wanted cock. I looked around my room to find my cell and see about calling a guy friend up.

My brother slowly opened the door, he showed me his huge cock and stroked it slowly and teasingly. My little brother was basically showing me he was ready and available to fuck if I wanted him. I needed it and I didn’t give two fucks who he was at that point.

I opened my legs further as an invitation. He crawled onto my bed and slid his cock into me. He fell on top of me driving the full length deep. He felt so good. His cock filled my pussy to the hilt. My pussy was even more sensitive and ready.

His lips locked onto mine and he thrusted over and over again. His tongue plunged into my mouth as my pussy clenched hard around his cock. Right as I came he pulled out and took me by the hair. He jerked off his load all over my face with a loud groan. I took his cum sloppy cock and sucked the rest of his cum out.

Who knew fucking your little brother could be so much fun!


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