I love it when people send me feedback on my blogs, especially when it’s horny as fuck blog replies like this:

You are home alone for a change, and watching a porn on you computer while using a butterfly vibrator on your clit. You shudder as your orgasm finishes and you suddenly realize that the power had gone out. The laptop died and you are in the dark, the only light coming from the lightening crashing outside. You get up and grab your cell phone for a light and tried to make your way over to the fuse box by the door.

Just as you get to the box, you feel strong hands grab you from behind, one gripping your throat and one wrapped around your chest, pressing your tits against you. “Don’t scream.” a deep man’s voice breathes heavily into your ear. He walks you towards the big dining room table and bends you over it, pushing your face against the cold wood. He wrestles your hands behind your back and you feel him tie them with what felt like thin rope, tightly winding it around your wrists. “What do you want?!” you try to say, but he grabs you by your hair and yanks your head back until it was next to his face, and whispers nastily in your ear “One more word and I’ll fucking kill you slut.” He slammed your head back down into the table and you see stars for a moment. You feel him pulling your panties down with one hand while the other keeps your bound hands pressed against your back. He rips your panties off, tearing the lacy material, leaving you naked from the waist down with your tits falling out of your bra and squashing against the table.

“Please, don’t!” you try to say but before you could finish he took your panties and stuffs them deep inside your mouth, making you gag on the dry fabric as he pushes them into your throat with four of his fingers. “You don’t know when to keep that whore mouth closed do you?” He spat into your ear and you hear the noise of a zipper going down, then feel him press the head of his cock against your pussy hole. “I watched you through the window you fucking nasty bitch, watching porn and playing with your cunt, this is what you like isn’t it?” With that he shoves his huge cock all the way inside you, until you feel his balls against your pussy lips, and you feel like you were being split in half. You try to cry out but the panties in your mouth stifle your voice and you felt him start to fuck you hard, pressing you down with one hand on your back and the other on the back of your head.

He fucks you roughly, pounding that huge dick in and out of you relentlessly, pinning you down with all his weight while he pants into your ear, then he suddenly pulls out, you feel him spit on your tight asshole and he rams his cock into you hard, tearing you apart and making tears stream from your eyes as you try to scream into the panties filling your mouth. He pounds every inch of his massive throbbing member in and out of your ass, taking it out every few strokes to slap your ass cheek before plunging it back into you, feeling like he was ripping your tight asshole in two. He keeps slamming into you until you felt his balls tighten and you know he is going to cum inside you. He grabs you by your throat and chokes you hard until you are on the brink of unconsciousness as you feel him pump your ass full of hot sticky spunk.

He pulls out of you letting you drop to the floor, then pulls the panties out of your mouth and wipes his cock on them before shoving them back inside you mouth. You looked up and can finally see the black ski masked face of your attacker. “Remember my name bitch. It’s Vinny. I will come back here and fuck you any time I like until I’m done with you, you got that?” He said, holding your cheeks with his fingers and staring at you with hard green eyes. You nod as best you could and with that he was gone, leaving you a cum filled bound mess on the floor.

You can read the blog this was in response to here, and please keep sending me your feedback! Reading this at bedtime I had to push my fingers into my panties and have a cheeky wank! I love it!

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