Adam was pinned between me and the bed, I wasn’t gonna let that sniveling little fuck go until he had a taste of forced bi.

Forced bi is a tad extreme, but after all months of my ex-boyfriend being a total jerk, Jake and I decided to get a bit of revenge on Adam. Adam was starting to force me into having sex when I wasn’t in the mood. Even fucking my ass without prep seemed appropriate to him. So one night I acted like I wanted to play!

I laid on the edge of the beg with my legs wide and let Adam lick my pussy. Adam never really took the time to satisfy me, it was always all about him. Before he knew it Jake was in the room and pinning him to the bed. I jumped onto Adam’s back to hold him down.

Jake tied Adam’s failing arms together and secured them to the closet door next to the bed. My ass settled nicely onto Adam’s turned head and my knees on his biceps. I leaned forward and yanked his tight ass apart. My tongue dragged the tightly knotted asshole and worked it until I made it nice and wet.

Adam was angry as fuck, but I didn’t care and neither Jake or I said a single word until Jake’s cock was hard and ready. As soon as Adam heard Jake spit he knew what was up and started to struggle harder. Adam begged like the fucking bitch he was.

Forced bi was exactly what this loser needed! Jake popped the head of his thick throbbing cock into Adam’s virgin asshole. “Let’s open up that ass Adam. When did you become such an uptight prick?” I said to him while Jake took long fluid strokes in and out.

Jake soon reached the end of his sexual rope and let a single shot of cum squirt into Adam. He pulled his still throbbing cock out face and moved to Adam’s face. I took Jake’s cock and jerked the rest of his cum out. Thick globs of cum filled Adam’s mouth. He tried to spit it out but, I held my hand over his mouth and nose to get him to swallow.

Adam never was the same after that day. He never touched me again actually, he became my little bitch who ended up liking it when Jake and I did forced bi.

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