You have a thing for feet, don’t you? The smell of them, the look of them, the shoes and boots that go on them. Some foot fetish guys love to worship and suck toes and smell them. Savoring the aroma of those feet that have been in shoes all day long. ¬†Running my stinky toes and feet all over your face. Maybe still wearing my stockings that have had my foot sweat soak into them all day and the feet of them is a bit stiff from the sweat.

Peel those stockings off with your teeth and lick those toes, maybe if you’re lucky there will be something between them for you to savor. Licking and sucking on them up and down the soles of my feet. Some other foot fetish guys love a foot job, they can’t get enough of my toes curling around their hardened cock and squishing their balls with my pretty manicured red painted toenails. Slowly stroking your dick up and down sensuously with my toes, smearing your precum all over your throbbing cock head with my big toe.

Maybe I’ll make you lick that precum off my toes, would you like that, you naughty boy!? I’ll squeeze that cock back and forth between my slippery feet and drive you over the edge until you want to shoot that gooey, sticky load all over my pretty toes and feet in creamy little droplets, like little pearls all over my lovely feet.

Does all this have you throbbing?

I thought so, I think you need to give me a call now, and we can talk all about your foot fetish and how you want to hold my feet around your cock as you fuck them.

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