Fuck Buddy Caught In My Pantry Drawer, Has To Wear Them All Day Long!

If you have spent some time with me, then you know what a naughty little whore I can be. I love sex and everything sexual. Of course, I have many fuck buddies to keep me happy. However, today he is my fuck buddy caught.

You may be asking, “Caught doing what?” Well, it turns out he has a thing for panties. In fact, he was in my panty drawer when I found him. He had on a pair of my favorite la Perla panties.

Honestly, they look fantastic on him. So much so that I decide what his punishment should be from that. He is clueless as he stands in front of the mirror, staring at me. I also see fear in his eyes, though.

Why my fuck buddy caught in my panties is feeling fear, I do not know.

I am finding this exciting, and my pussy is tingling with this new information. Of course, he doesn’t know that. I am going to tell him, sooner or later. Right now, I am enjoying him squirming.

As he is already standing in front of a mirror, I tell him to model them for me. He is almost shaking as he turns in front of the mirror. Then, I tell him to strut for me.

Oh, I love this fuck buddy caught moment. Maybe a bit too much. Hahaha. Finally, I have him walk over to me. He is standing in front of me, and his dick is starting to get hard again.

Good, I want to tease him some more.

As he is standing within inches of me, I start running my fingers along the outline of his hard dick. His knees almost buckle as he is getting into it. I ask if he has been a panty boy for long.

Looking into my eyes, he tells me yes. And that it is a relief that I know. He leans in, and we kiss. I tell him I find this fuck buddy caught moment exciting, and it turns me on. He smiles and says that is a relief.

I tell him we aren’t past it completely. The fear is coming back to his eyes. I start explaining that I am not going to do something that will hurt him. All I want is for him to wear my panties all day long.

The fear is still there, and I ask him why since our fuck buddy caught moment is gone now.

He has his soccer league today and will have to be in the locker room with his buddies. Staring at him, I can’t decide if I am still going to make him wear the panties all day or not.

Of course, he is begging me not to do it. Therefore, I tell him, he can explain it was a dare from me. Furthermore, I am not backing down after this fuck buddy moment. And, if he does this, we can do anything he wants tonight.

His eyes light up, and I wonder if I am releasing a beast. Hahaha, I sure hope so! I want him to be completely open with me. Even if he asks me to fuck him with my strap-on.

He agrees to wear the panties and gets ready for work.

I have a feeling our night is going to be insanely fun! We kiss goodbye, and I watch his tight as I walk out the door in my panties.

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