Fuck me in the bar with your wife outside!

Kyle let me know that he and his wife were going to be out at the bar last night enjoying some drinks. He asked me to meet him there at 11:45 pm and we’d have fun!

I loved knowing that he was going to fuck me with his wife sitting at the bar waiting for him. The clock hit 11:40 pm so I headed into the bar. She had no idea who I was so I wasn’t worried about her seeing me. I walked right passed them and caught his eye. I winked and then headed to the restrooms.

The nice thing about this bar was that the bathrooms are single ones. I walked into the first opened one and locked the door. I quickly texted him, “I’m in the one all the way down on the right. Knock twice and I’ll let you in.” A few moments later I heard the two knocks. I opened it and let him in.

Without saying anything he locked the door and pushed me up against the wall and started to kiss me hard and fast. He was ravishing my body with his hands as his mouth attacked my lips and throat. I specifically wore my dress without panties so he wouldn’t have much to get around. His hands found their way up my dress and to my wet cunt. He ripped my dress down in the front so my tits were hanging out as he ran his hands over them.

I felt one hand on my hip as he turned me around and bent me straight over. I grabbed my ankles as he pressed my back up against the wall to steady me. He fumbled with his pants before getting his 8-inch cock out. He wasn’t slow in any sense of the word. So hound my wet opening and slammed right in! I felt him brace himself against the wall as he pounded me harder and faster!

He was fucking me so hard I could barely breathe but holy fuck did it feel amazing. Within a few moments, I felt his whole body go tense against me as he emptied his load of cum into my pussy. He stayed inside of me enjoying the feeling before pulling out. I got onto my knees to clean him off before sending him back to his wife.

He pulled his pants back up and then headed back to the bar. I got readjusted and then sat across the bar from him and his wife. He was nice enough to have bought me a drink without her catching on. I sat and enjoyed it while he squirmed in his seat. Public fucking is seriously so amazing when you know the wife is right outside the door!

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