Lesbian Sex Stories: My Best Friend’s Girlfriend

Personally, I have always loved lesbian sex stories. They make me so wet, and I finally got the chance to reenact one in my personal life, and damn. It was so hot. I remember that night so well. She was wearing a cute little skirt and button down top, revealing her beautiful supple breasts. We had been having drinks all night and were rather tipsy at this point. I remember joking with her boyfriend how lucky he was that he had her, and he interjected by saying something about how I should kiss her if I felt that way, and without missing a beat, I took her head in my hands and lowered my lips to hers, and gently kissed her. She wasted no time in kissing me back, even seeming more into it than I previously was.

I climbed onto her lap until I was straddling her. I kissed her again, deepening our kiss, while my hands started to explore her body; first her breasts. I ran my fingers over those soft pink nipples of hers, and I felt her breath hitch. I stole a glance over at her boyfriend, expecting to see him glaring at me, but I was surprised to see that he had his cock out and was stroking it while watching us.

Then I pulled my lips away from hers to lower my head and allow my lips to graze the skin above her breasts.

As I was doing this, my hands were going behind her, in an effort to lift her shirt and undo her bra. I did the same in order to feel our skin touch as we caressed each other. I got off of her and undid her skirt while on my knees in front of her. While I was sliding off her panties, I started kissing her thighs. I then kissed all of the way from her knee to her thighs, then to her clit and dipped my tongue into her, and tasted how sweet and wet she was.


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