Free Sex Stories and an Intervention

I have a friend who loves free sex stories. What he doesn’t like, however, is when they’re about big black cocks. I sent him one a few weeks ago and he really got mad. He got so mad, I didn’t think he would want to play with me again.

Thankfully, I was wrong. He called me today and wanted to set me straight. I had to take his big, Mexican dick any way he wanted it. He wasn’t about to let me take no for an answer.

He held me down and made me take his Mexican dick because I needed to be taught a lesson.  I knew I was wrong to send him the email, but I really wanted to make him jealous. Turns out, it worked. He fucked me hard making me tell him I only wanted his big, Mexican dick in my white pussy from now on.

As he fucked me, I realized just how much I loved him and his big, Mexican cock. How could I want black sex when I had a nice, brown dick? I told him how much I loved him as he fucked me, how much I wanted him to cum inside me. He fucked me hard, determined to put a baby in me now more than ever.

Will a baby cure me?

I told him that if he gave me a baby, I might get over my love of BBC but really, who knows? Until that Mexican baby is in me, I will never know if my big black cock craving can be cured.

Until then, there will be so many free sex stories of big black cocks. My poor Mexican will just have to be the jealous little cuckold that he is-though I’m sure he would deny that he is one. He is so turned on knowing I fuck black men, though, what else would I call him?

Stay tuned, there are sure to be more BBC sex stories cumming soon! I’m always up for some hot adult chat.

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