Fornication is a BEAUTIFUL thing!

Just ask anyone…It’s how YOU got here, isn’t it?  LOL.  I don’t know why, but I am ALWAYS horniest right after I leave my office in midtown.  I get to the train station and see the thousands of people all mingling about.  Pushing, bumping into one another and very infrequently is eye contact ever made.  I sit, legs crossed and I watch.  I have always wondered what I might do with one of these strangers.  My head hurt a little from the day and I ALWAYS say, a little fornication takes away almost any pain.  It is said that endorphins are released during orgasm. I’m drinking the Kool-Aide on that one! Giggle

So, here I sit, in need of some IMMEDIATE sexual gratification and I spot him.  If I had to guess, I’d place him at thirty-five, maybe even forty.  But, he’d be a well taken care of forty.  He plays golf with friends, none of them as good as they think they are.  He’s educated, likely Ivy League and based upon his bespoke suit, he’s old money or, European.  He listens to jazz, but not because he gets it, but instead because he thinks it makes him seem eclectic. He doesn’t need to appear offbeat or, cooler, but again…he CLEARLY has no idea.  He’s hot.  And I’m in need. And therein lies the first of many a conundrum of the day…

Why problematic?  Ohhhhh. Let’s see…  Ummm. I have a man.  But, he’s never around when my head starts pounding.  I can’t be blamed!  In fairness…he’d need to follow me around daily just to be sure.  I get headaches out of nowhere.  Some say I might actual feign them so I can get in my random, forbidden fucks.  I assure you, I do not. Hee hee.  What’s a girl to do?  This is damn near medical! Haha.

I can feel him looking; eyes burning into me from the bench across the way. I uncross my legs, a la “Fatal Attraction” and I can almost hear a low moan escape lips…and NOT just his.  Giggle. Want to know what happened, where at the train station…and with WHOM?  Stay tuned for the conclusion of this hot piece of tale (Haha) on Thursday.  You know me…I’m gonna deliver on the phonesex.  Are you happy about that, Baby?

Wouldn’t you like to Do It With Me While In Public?


Let Me Take You…THERE!

Joey Phone Sex