Forcing me to obey!

Forcing me to his table of pleasure Sir says I must cum hard for him. He then straps my legs onto the stirrups and takes another strap and places it around my throat, Sir doesn’t want me to move while he plays with me.

He then ties down my hands and spreads the stirrups and places them on either side of him forcing my legs open and he clicks it into place. My ass is now dangling off the end of the table. Sir smiles! He plans to make me cum hard for him he tells me.

Sir walks over to his closet of toys and ponders there for only a moment or two and returns in between my legs and has this mini spreader that he places on my pussy lips forcing them open. He then reaches down to my hot moist open wide pussy. Then he starts to rub it, oh it feels so good. He flicks and tickles my clit with his fingers massaging and rubbing my now very horny and wet pussy. Then he smiles again. He begins forcing his fingers in me one by one.

He now has three of them inside my now swollen pussy.

With his free hand Sir gets into his pocket and pulls out a vibrator and pushes the button on and it starts to buzz loudly. He places the buzzing vibe against my swollen clit and continues to finger fuck me. It only takes a few minutes and I am cumming for Sir. As I moan out in pleasure Sir doesn’t stop he maintains his rhythm and my body begins to convulse spiraling into another orgasmic episode as I begin to squirt all over Sir’s table of pleasure, again he smiles.

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