Taboo Forceful Intrusion Rape Fantasy

This is YOUR forceful intrusion. Nighttime. You’re standing outside my window looking through a crack in the curtains. I’m dancing to some upbeat music as I clean the house in nothing but booty shorts and a bra. You want to rape me, to take me and you can feel yourself getting hard. Your cock is pressing so snug against the inside of your pants, your balls are swelling so much it’s almost painful as you consider your options.

You’ve been watching me for days. You know my bedroom window is always open and that’s your ticket to paradise. Quiet as the night you grab your bag, pull off my window screen, and slip into my deserted bedroom. You can hear Breaking Benjamin through the open door and it gets you into a rhythm – from the length of your paces to the frequency of your steps. The music elevates your excitement and anticipation.

As you sneak into the living room I’m bent over, rearranging the pillows on the couch. Taking your opportunity, you sneer and quickly but quietly close in on me. As I stand upright you’re on me, one hand on my mouth and the tip of your knife at my throat. I gasp in shock and terror. Smiling, you back me up right into my bedroom.

After you throw me on the bed you slam and lock the window.

Reaching into your bag you pull out 30 feet of black silk rope. You grab my wrists and force my hands behind my back. First, you tie my wrists together, then you crisscross the rope up my arms and to my shoulders while I’m lying face-first on the bed. My screams and pleas are muffled by the blankets and mattress. I’m freaking out because I know you want to ravage my body.

You grab my hips and pull them up so they’re level with your hard, pulsing cock. You then take the knife and slice off my shorts. Pulling your cock out of your pants you force it deep inside my tight pussy. I turn my face to one side and cry out. I beg you to stop. Your only response is grabbing me by my hair and pulling it. You pull my head so far back that my cries are nothing more than gasps for air. That only makes you pump harder and faster pushing your cock as deep as it can go inside me.

Once you dump all of your seed into my swollen pussy you pull out of me.

You shove my head back into the covers and put your knife to the back of my neck. As you finish zipping up your pants you open the window. In a flash, you slip out of my window. Not bothering to close it behind you, you disappear just as quickly as you came. I’m left tied on my bed with cum inside my pussy. Who knows how long I stay that way. And only you know when you’ll come back to take me once more.

I loved it forceful!

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