Forced sex stories- My guilty Pleasure- Forced by Family, shamed by none

Forced sex stories? Do you ever wonder how a hot teen, college girl, or woman could want to be forced into anything? Ever imagine her deep dark secret fantasies being just that, forced sex stories. I guess dirty girls like me just can’t help it.

Actually, I prefer the terminology consensual non-consent fantasy to forced sex stories. I just crave that helpless feeling, having no control. POWERLESS to a strong, stern man who knows what he wants and how to get it. Even if by FORCE.

The first forced sex stories that I can recall happened to me at an age of innocence and purity.

In addition to experiencing my first forced sex story yet, I knew and trusted my assailant, consequently a family member. I was in my aunts’ huge bathroom while our family had a big gathering. While I thought everyone was outside starving, My Uncle had a craving all his own.

Out of all my uncles, he was my favorite. The most handsome, the funniest and he always gave the BEST presents at Christmas. I closed the bathroom door behind me. I heard it open and there stood Uncle D. His look was confident and his tone was different.

” Well Little Miss Anna you know youngins aren’t supposed to come in the house, what are you doing in here?”

A child, I was too embarrassed to tell him, I couldn’t potty outside. Trembling and wondering why he was still in the bathroom. My favorite Uncle would unleash my desire to be forced. As a result, I can’t even remember exactly how it happened, but what I do remember is the first of many forced sex stories I will never forget.

Want to hear the rest of the story? Hear each naughty, nasty detail? Some age play phone sex or some hot adult chat will allow me to entice, tease and give you every minor and malicious detail of what happened that day.

Now Looking back, that was just one stitch of the sexual MONSTER I really am. I crave that hopeless, helpless feeling. The degradation and humiliation aspects excite me. I dream about it. Now that I’m older I find myself recalling the many situations I have put myself into, just for the happenstance of being forced, held against my will and my body betraying me.

Have your own forced sex stories? Need to hear the rest of mine? Lets Share. Especially if you enjoy them as much as I do.


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