I can’t believe my first trip to New York ended in forced sex!

The thought of visiting my best friend in New York was so exciting! I didn’t know that riding the subway to see her would end in forced sex for me though. Not having a clue about where I was or how to act ended up getting me in some major trouble. Wanting to look hot walking the streets of NY, I dressed to the nines.

I had on a super short black pinstriped mini skirt that flared out a few inches above my knees. It showed off my tiny waist, my long lean legs, and my sexy round ass to perfection! I added a pair of sexy strappy black stilettos and a tiny little white button-up top. My tiny tits were highlighted perfectly and the tiny white silk thong I had on underneath didn’t cover much of my tight teen pussy at all.

Stepping onto the subway that would take me to my friend’s house, I felt all eyes on me. All of that attention put an extra bounce in my step and wriggle in my ass. The subway ended up being so crowded that I had to stand, holding onto a pole to keep my balance. It was jam-packed and when the doors opened my skirt flipped up, flashing everyone standing on the platform.

Certain parts of the tunnels were so dark that I couldn’t even see who was around me.

I felt someone come up behind me and slip his hands underneath my skirt and start to grope my ass and rub my pussy. I tried to shove his hands away but it was too crowded to get away from him. My panties were being tugged to the side, and big manly fingers slid deep inside my tight young cunt. A deep voice in my ear told me to hold still and be a good girl.

Before I could react I felt him thrust his big thick cock deep inside of me. I couldn’t believe I was being cornered into having forced sex on the subway. This was definitely a trip that I would never forget. As much as I didn’t want to, I actually enjoyed the feeling of being forced and taken by a complete stranger in public!

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