Forced Sex, Home Invasion, And Impregnation

It was just another Netflix and chill night for me and my then boyfriend Jason. We were tired from a long week of work and we were so happy to have a quite night together for a change. When we heard the knock at the door we thought it was the pizza guy. We were wrong and they forced their way in. I remember telling my boyfriend to look through the peep hole before he opened the door. I guess he forgot or just didn’t hear me. I heard a little arguing come from the door and then my boyfriend yelled and said, “Get the fuck out!” Next, I heard what sounded like a punch and then I saw them dragging my boyfriend into the living room where I was.

I was beyond scared. The two figures drug my boyfriend by his arms and threw him on the floor in front of me. I could tell one was a man and the other was a woman. They guy, a tall blonde with an athletic build, held a gun to my head and told me that he would kill my boyfriend if I didn’t take my clothes off. The girl, a brunette, with deep green eyes, was about my height, with plump perky breasts that I could see poking through her tight black shirt. She stood over my boyfriend with her right foot wedged against his throat. The blood from his nose was dripping on to the hardwood floor.

She didn’t seem to mind her partners mouth watering as he stared at my naked trembling body. She didn’t even flinch when he pushed me down on the couch and forced his cock into my mouth. As a matter of fact she smiled as I gagged off of her partners large cock. I could see her from where I was on the couch and I could tell that she was aroused because her nipples were getting hard through the shirt. The guy took his clothes off as he continued to shove his dick down my throat.

My boyfriend was moaning and trying to talk. By the time the intruders cock was balls deep in my mouth the woman intruder had pulled my boyfriend’s body across the floor. As I sucked and gagged on her partners cock she forced my boyfriend to sit in a kitchen chair that wasn’t far from the couch. She smacked him in his face and pressed her gun really hard against his temple. She told him to take his cock out. My boyfriend was shaking. Tears welled in my eyes both from the gagging and from the fact that I knew what was about to happened.

With his cock out, my boyfriend looked nervously at me. As the woman intruder dropped to her knees and started sucking my boyfriend’s cock, the guy intruder took the gun from my head and pointed it at my boyfriend. He told him not to even THINK about doing anything stupid. My boyfriend was trying to resist the pleasure he felt from the wild blow job he was getting from the woman. He tried so hard to control his erection but nature took over and I could see his cock throbbing inside of her mouth. He begged her to stop but, the more he begged the more she sucked.

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