Have you ever in your wildest dreams hated someone so much you wanted to grudge fuck them as payback?

Forced sex is exactly what I had in mind for Millie. I knew she had been sniffing around my boyfriend, my fears were confirmed when I found out they had been seeing each other behind my back for months. That little fucking cunt!

Now, I could confront her, but where is the fun in that? They would both take my tongue lashings and go on with life. I wanted to make the memory a lasting one. Wracking my brain on ideas to make them pay for playing me for the fool was easier than I expected.

Dressed in all black I stood in front of my mirror. My black mask was pulled in place and my baggy black pants and shirt never gave way to the fact I was female. In my pants, I wore a strapon with a dildo the same size as my boyfriend’s cock, 8.5 inches was the closest I could find.

I have to admit I was getting turned on at the thought of forced sex with Millie. I wanted to see her scared face, I wanted her to beg and plead for me to stop. Getting my revenge and feeling satisfied was all I wanted.

Millie and my boyfriend had a routine for hooking up when I would be at work. Since I had a steady schedule they didn’t have too much worry of being caught. My night was booked off and I waited for my boyfriend to leave her place.

Slipping inside was easy. Millie was in the basement doing laundry and humming a happy tune. I couldn’t fucking wait to wipe that fat happy cat look off her face. My hand clasped over her mouth while she was distracted. She just finished pulling her dirty panties off to toss into the washer.

Throwing her down onto the floor, I pulled out my knife. Not a single word was uttered from my mouth. I put my gloved finger over my mask and made the gesture to shush. Tearing open her night top and spreading her legs open, I thrust every inch of my strapon into her cum filled fuck hole. Only I wasn’t the lover with finesse, After a few strokes I pulled out and wiped off the dildo with my glove and rubbed it onto her face.

I felt the resistance of the strapon trying to push into her dry pussy. This was the forced sex I wanted! She was crying, begging just like I wanted. Turning her over, I spit on the tip and pushed into her ass. I could tell she had been fucked there already since she blossomed like a flower over my cock.

I fucked her good and hard. My hand was back over her mouth to muffle her cries. Once I was satisfied with my revenge, I took her up to her room and tied her hands to the bed. Picking up her phone I punched in my boyfriend’s number and texted him to come back over. Only I would be there waiting for him!



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