Naughty or Nice? Forced sex is on My Christmas List

Forced sex is all I want for Christmas because it has always turned me on the most.

The idea of forced sex is considered an EXTREME Taboo to most due to the consenting of nonconsensual sex. Don’t believe me? Look it up for yourself.

As for me, I think of it as


Forced sex- say it out loud, it makes you feel so dirty already, doesn’t it?

I daydream about it, I lust thinking of so many forced sex scenarios. Most of my fantasies include age play, I like the innocence of it all. The unexpected, pure perversion. The darker side of sex has always been my favorite playground, and forced sex is the merry go round.

Being all alone and someone watching me. Not one inkling of their presence and suddenly I am grabbed.

( I am so turned on just telling you this)

Most would consider me the victim. I, however, think I would be the victor. Just the idea of being taken, raped, choke fucked… has always excited me. I guess that maybe MY ultimate fantasy. Held against my will, my body pawed at. Fucked over and over again. Most of all it is about Totally helpless against the pure sexual power of a man and his hard cock. My Begging and crying just FUELS his fire.

I always think of being out somewhere and running into a man, and he just strikes up a general conversation. We talk a bit, and when I leave the conversation he begins to follow me. Maybe to my home? My car?

Never Noticing until it’s too late. I never know what is on my assailant’s mind.. is he beautifully sick and twisted like me? Does he just crave the feeling of a woman screaming, writhing, and fighting back beneath him?

Am I just a fuck toy?

A hole to stick your dick in..

Do you see me like a slut… and I DESERVE it.

Will you make me pay for how your mother treated you?

Are you envisioning that girl that thought she was hot shit in high school, and never looked your way?

Your Fucking Cunt ex-wife?

How Will you have your way with me?




For the Filthiest Phonesex Forced sex



I’m already wet and breathless.

…what the fuck are you waiting for?

Best Phone Sex