My favorite kind of orgasm is a forced orgasm!

Forced orgasm is amazing! Sure, ALL orgasms feel great. But if you are like me, and have a little submissive streak, you understand EXACTLY what I mean! Tease and denial can be a powerful thing, but – you don’t get to cum! You feel the same loss of control when someone ties you down so all you can do is squirm and forces your body to release over and over again, according to THEIR whim – not YOURS.

I’m the Queen of cock teasing, but I like being teased as well! Worked up slowly. Pushed to that “almost” point. And then backed off and worked up again. Teased. Edged. Denied. Repeat. That hunger growing inside me. Until all I care about is cumming. I want to cum! I need to cum! I HAVE TO CUM! Begging and pleading for that release that I know is eventually coming.

Finally, I get what I’ve been begging for. I feel myself being pushed over the edge. Finally allowed the satisfaction of orgasm. Desire stated. Body limp and over-sensitive. Ready to curl up and purrrrrrr!

But this is just the beginning. That first orgasm was a gift.

Now your body and its sensations will be used against you. Giving you what you just begged for. Again. And again. And again! Forced orgasm after forced orgasm being ripped from your body until instead of begging for more, you’re begging for it to end! Your body fights itself – torn between the depth and intensity of the sensations you’re feeling, and it’s overloaded circuitry!

Sound like something YOU would enjoy? I enjoy forcing your orgasms just as much as I love being forced to orgasm myself! I wanna take you to that deep, intense place that I love to explore! That place where you are forced to take the pleasure I give you. There is no escape. No break. No cessation of sensual torment. You’ll feel like the very next orgasm you have MIGHT just be your last! 😉

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